Patent & Trademark Services: Our Model

Our attorneys adhere to a unique practice model for higher quality services at reduced cost. Los Angeles Patent Group does not engage clients with a partner, perform the work using junior associates or agents, and pass on administrative duties to secretaries and staff. Delegating tasks in this manner increases costs, reduces responsiveness and responsibility to the client, lowers the quality of work, and produces an apathetic and disengaged approach to the client’s intellectual property.  We appoint a single experienced attorney to be the direct point of contact for all aspects and stages of the relationship.

Many of our services are provided as a flat fee service. There are no hidden hourly attorney fees for performing miscellaneous tasks related to the core task. You will not incur costs from asking questions, sending emails, or placing a call. Our patent and trademark attorneys have better ways to spend their time than tracking and billing for time spent responding to an email, time spent forwarding USPTO correspondence, or the cost of postage for forwarding original documents.

We understand the reality for many start-ups and entrepreneurs. As great as it is to have in-house IP counsel, the full-time need may simply not exist. As impressive as it is to have outside counsel with a $400+/hour billing rate, the cost is impractical. Therefore, our patent and trademark attorneys act in a hybrid in-house and outside counsel capacity. If you have an open desk, we prefer periodically coming to you and understanding your business from a holisitic point of view. As demand dictates, we can dedicate one day a month, one day a week, or more to be on-site meeting with engineers, taking disclosures, managing the portfolio, advising on IP strategy and issues, and building a collaborative team rather than existing separate and detached from the business – all this with a fee structure resembling that of having in-house counsel rather than outside counsel.

Because of our practice model, we spend most of the week on-site at different client locations. However, we are available for a free telephone or email consultation.

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