Los Angeles
Patent Group

We are a patent and trademark law firm. Our experienced patent attorneys handle all prosecutorial matters related to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This however is merely the transactional component of what we do. Any patent attorney can put pen to paper and transcribe your idea into a patent application filing. Any trademark attorney can file a trademark application based on a provided name or logo. This is a basic reactive approach to practicing law. We prefer a proactive approach.

Our attorneys work with their clients to develop, enhance, and broaden ideas and brands, look deeper into the future, create new permutations, plug holes in disclosures, and preemptively address issues in an effort to streamline prosecution and enhance the value of an issued patent or registered trademark. We question beyond patent and trademark prosecutorial issues and present business challenges to justify the time and expense of patent or trademark protection. We also assist our clients in navigating through the stormy weather caused by infringement notices, cease-and-desist letters, or demand letters.

Our services are adapted to make the complex patent and trademark system equally accessible to our entrepreneur, start-up, and well established corporate clients. We will guide you to achieving your goals whether those goals entail developing and expanding an intellectual property portfolio, obtaining accelerated examination to overcome the backlog at the USPTO, circumnavigating the aftermath of Alice v. CLS Bank of what is patentable, gaining international protection, or establishing your brand.

We strive to match the enthusiasm and passion of the entrepreneurs and start-ups we service while matching the importance and impact built by our large corporate clients. Our attorneys are based in Los Angeles, but service clients nationally and internationally.